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Sensational trick and woman representativeness in 2009 Miss Indonesia

MEDAN, OCT. 14 – During and post-2009 Miss Indonesia contest (MIC), Qory Sandioriva, a delegation from Aceh province, suddenly highlighted among Indonesian public. Misstament about Islamic scarface (jilbab) that she undressed during, seem unusal for the committee of the contest — since her predecessors keep to wear the veil in the prevous contest.  Her spontaneous answer, then, triggered pros and cons about the obligation for moslem woman to put on jilbab, particularly in Aceh province.

What makes the beauty contest interesting is the performance of beauty women who also required to have the capacity for thought and reason especially to a high degree, for businessfighters this means opportunity to gain high profit. Unfortunately, monotone sessions provided in the contest turned people’s interest to another entertainment events that perform better programs.

2009 MIC organizer might see this turning-down cycle would get worse, if they conduct no breakthrough by bearing contradiction that attract widespread public attention, that is sensation. Sensation is popular to be implemented among the entertainment community, though the consequence could be bad image that public addressed to the celebrities or the event organizers.

The issue about jilbab is sensitive in Indonesia, particularly in Aceh province — since Islam religion has been part of the local culture and custom– could be sensation material that MIC would rise in recent contest, and the result (as it had been predicted) initiate protest among ulema in Aceh, as quoted in Waspada Online [].

“Sandioriva’s decision demonstrated (that) she challenge Aceh qanun — that Aceh Lawmakers endorsed at September 14– therefore there should be no reason to attribute Miss Aceh for Sandioriva,” Aceh Dayah ulema (HUDA) secretary, Tengku Faisal Aly said in Banda Aceh, Aceh Saturday. “Besides, we definitely disappointed about her customes.”

The local ulema argued that Aceh qanun should be obliged, as long as it means to represent Aceh province. Besides, her presence to represent Aceh province, since her father is not an Acehnese and that she lived in Bekasi, West Java.

Woman representatives

Anyhow, some also support Sandioriva’s commitment not to wear jilbab, for the reason of no correlation facial and physical performance with qanun implemented in certain region. As quoted in Waspada Online below [],

“On other occassion, antropology expert belong to Malikus Shalih Lhokseumawe university, Teuku Kemal Fasya told journalist that Aceh ulema object against Sandioriva’s decision perform no correlation one another.

“The competition requires all contestants to demonstrate their well-looked facial and physic, instead of well-knowledge. So there is no certan ideologic protest about Aceh qanun,” Fasya said Sunday (Oct. 11) evening

Furthremore, he said, there should be no overreacted from the ulemas to respond Sandioriva’s victory. “It related to contestant’s personal choice, and not belong to Aceh woman representatives.” ”

Eve Warburton’s article in Inside Indonesia site [] explained that in the past, most Indonesians considered Islamic dress a matter of private interpretation. But since “reformasi” local governments and Islamic institutions have begun to force women to cover, while at the national level the proposed anti-pornography laws place restrictions on women’s dress and emphasise control of the female body as a tool for social reform.

The interesting part of the Sandioriva case, as it throw the issue about woman representativeness in Indonesia allowed to choose wheter or not to put on the jilbab. The writer found comments about Qory Sandioriva publication in Waspada Online, especially the female name, tends to support Sandioriva.

Besides, Sandioriva also argued that “As long as I could perform moslem nobleness, physically veiled is not a necessary,” Sandioriva told Waspada Online in Jakarta Friday (Oct. 9)” [],

” “As I know, moslem woman encouraged to have veil inside their intelligent (brain) and well-mannered behaviour.” []

Sandioriva’s victory probably contributed over her brave to commit not to follow her predecessors from Aceh, that inspired women in Indonesia that MIC now dare to speak loudly about the gender equality — the right to choose what they desire, instead of being under certain custom pressures.

Just quite similar to Sandioriva’s statement that she is inspired with legendary Aceh heroine, Tjut Nya’ Dhien who is popular as the Aceh woman who did not dress jilbab but was brave to fight colonialist in Aceh at the moment.

Eventually, the trick works (or it could be honestly Sandioriva’s commitment), amid the objection addressed to Sandioriva, proved that entertainment business theory still effective “when people stare (at you), then you are the star.” Qory Sandioriva elected as the 2009 Miss Indonesia and of course to have the opportunity to compete in 2010 Miss Universe contest. The international beauty contest, rise another new prediction that Sandioriva may encounter greater protest if she participate in photography session as she putting on sexy swim suit.

Then, the next question is, could greater dispute about Sandiorive works in 2010 Miss Universe? heehm, we’ll see (instead of saying “we hope so”).



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