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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Panwaslu vs KPUD, ahead 2010 Pilkada in Medan

MEDAN – Near the ‘democratic party’ to vote Medan Mayor and deputy Mayor for 2010-2015 term scheduled May 2010, some might predct that authorized agencies –regional General Election Commission (KPUD) and the Election Supervisory Committee (Panwaslu)– would perform disorder municipal election. Read more of this post


Adipura – environmental and human rights dilemma

MEDAN, Nov. 8 – For the late two weeks, public attention fully attracted toward dispute among national Law enforcement bodies — the Corruption Eradication Commission KPK, the National Police Polri, and the Attorney — put aside other important issues, particularly those deal with local people, such as the environmental award Adipura.

For the ambition to achieve Adipura award, several media recorded government’s human rights disregard, concerned as the attempt to conduct temporary policy over environmental problems instead of having the unending cleanliness condition. Read more of this post