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Panwaslu vs KPUD, ahead 2010 Pilkada in Medan

MEDAN – Near the ‘democratic party’ to vote Medan Mayor and deputy Mayor for 2010-2015 term scheduled May 2010, some might predct that authorized agencies –regional General Election Commission (KPUD) and the Election Supervisory Committee (Panwaslu)– would perform disorder municipal election.

Regardless poor final electoral roll management (DPT), friction between those two election-organizing bodies remain unresolved as published by local media excerpted below:

Tension between Panwaslu and KPUD triggered, when KPUD decided to form a new Panwaslu team to replace incumbent supervisory committee, in which the new Panwaslu inaugurated on Monday (November 9, 2009) by KPUD.

On the contrary, incumbent Panwaslu denied to admit the new committee, for the reason that it is ordered directly by central Election Supervisory body (Bawaslu). “Besides, Bawaslu also refused the KPUD-inaugurated Panwaslu,” Medan Panwaslu chairman, M Aswin told Waspada Online.

“It should be noted that Panwaslu would obey Bawaslu order, instead of the new Panwaslu team selected by municipal KPUD,” he added.

Public would raising eyes toward Panwaslu-KPUD disharmony, since both were also criticized on the previous legislative and presidential election. Many complained fraud action occured on 2009 general election, and surely to bear sceptism fair, free, and credible election.

It is important to note that KPUD was authorized to form a new Panwaslu team according to Legal Constitution, meanwhile Panwaslu just laid its argument based on Bawaslu decree. So, it could be said KPUD supported by stronger Law reference.

However, it is really ridiculous to see a commission select supervisory team itself, which of course potential to cause collusion mistreatment.

Actually, public knows exatcly motifs behind the friction deal ego interests, that left the tension keeps go on till the Medan Mayor and deputy Mayor election.

Well, it’s really hot in Medan during this rainy season 🙂


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