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Reflection note: step forward to 2010

As Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) proved that the earth is round with his legendary voyage through the ocean, some might compared this planet shaped quite similar with the clock that indicate our time in life. Particularly, Keppler’s spectacular theory that the earth has an orbit line rounds the sun.

However, life time played complex and totally different with cycle found on the clock and earth’s orbit. Age and experience may not be repeated to the previous position, since human grows both toward better or worse condition.

Regarding to national situation during this ‘lovely’ 2009, Indonesia seem unhappy to memorize this year since failure statistics remain higher than success one. On security affair: Noordin M Top eventually executed by National Police’s (Polri) special detachment 88 on August 8,2009. However, Polri unable to prevent the bomb tragedy occured in two five-star hotels Ritz Carlton and JW Marriott in Jakarta, on July 17, 2009.

“Hero always come late” might recover the carelessness that killed tens of innocence people, but the good achievement spoiled back over the conflict with Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), as if the dispute revealed disharmony between these two law enforcement bodies.

Despite, two KPK deputies (Chandra Hamzah and Bibit Samad Rianto) set free over all the charges, no need to look forward the year of 2010, these two anti graft bodies predicted would not conduct their partnership in good coordination. For instance? Sayonara, Anggodo. Enjoy the oversees holiday. May we see you again interviewed by TVOne or Metro TV.

Sports, should be entitled as “worst of the worst,” with failure result on all competitions. World Cup Selection U-17, U-20, and senior team; and of course 2009 Sea Games embarrass the nation ranked out of the big three.

Concerning the backward achievement, Indonesian people soon to be TV Cable’s customers who preferred to watch World Cup events and any other famous ones, such as English Premier League or NBA matches.


ANTARA’s Andi Abdussalam in his year-end writing told that recent President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Vice President Boediono yet to enjoy the honey moon as the nation heads on October 20, 2009.

Natural disasters (as happened in previous Yudhoyono’s term: Tsunami on Aceh and Nias) welcomed his victory post presidential election, with two of globally known temblors that jolt Tasikmalaya and West Sumatera.

Besides, the duo’s consistency also examined over scandalous bail out for Bank Century in which Boediono (former Bank of Indonesia governor, who deliver the instruction to salvage the ailing bank) and his companion argued that it ought to be carried out avoid negative impacts of global monetery crisis and to assure will not causing sytemic impacts on Indonesia economic condition.

Lately, the conspiracy over the bank salvation widely published by George Junus Aditjondro’s book Membongkar Gurita Cikeas: Dibalik Skandal Century (Unmasking Cikeas Octopus: Behind the Century Scandal), links Yudhoyono with the Bank Century scandalous bail out to secure the ailing bank.

2010 seems the popularity continuation of press media to reveal all the conflicts, conspiracy,and rights abuse has been covering since 2009. So, no wonder if press media still going on recoder and camera to exceed public eagerness about up-to-date situation. Never say enough for the news, since it is part of information.

This also applied for entertainment journalist in which publicly known as infotainment journalist. Despite the image turned over stagnant content (mostly divorce and cheating of the famous celebrity), however public remain felt curious about their favorite celeb’s life.

Positive achievement

SCTV’s, one of national TV channel, ‘Tolong’ program content was very popular once to portray how Indonesian people treated others, particularly those live under poverty. Surprisingly that it unveil many of us disrespect and unintended to give hand. The findings eventually set our mind that it is a normal condition, for many people under stress to earn money for living.

Prita and nenek (or grandma) Minah, however, inspiring Indonesian people that the opinion above gradually changed. Solidarity triggered over unfairness policy implemented by government and influenced figures. Coin for Prita, really an amazing struggle to fight tyrany without violence. Well, it is expected that togetherness to beat unjust act may have the next sequel on 2010. Do you believe it? I do. Why? Because I believe.


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