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Politics Domino behind acting Medan Mayor Resignation

2010 Pilkada likely to fail

The direct general election for regional scope which is publicly known as Pilkada planned to be held in Indonesia’s regions (both for provinces and districts) this year, in 2010, potentially unable to represent people’s right to vote conciusness-based future regional head.

Poor ethic acted by the prospective candidates spoil their image among the potential voters and no doubt would increase the blank voter number, the politic analyst Ridwan Rangkuti said,and felt sure to predict abstain voter will be 40 percent of total temporary voter list for 2010 Pilkada in Medan city, as cited from news portal Waspada Online.

No wonder why Rangkuti expresses his certainty over Pilkada failure regarding recent abuse cases mostly supporting the prediction.

Acting Medan Mayor Rahudman Harahap, as an example, has been spotted for these months ahead Pilkada over his spectacular movement to leave his positio in order to seek new term in Medan Mayortarial bid.

Harahap argued that he has received legal permission under Home Minister Gamawan Fauzi and North Sumatera Governor Syamsul Arifin for resigning to manage his candidacy for 2010-2015 Medan Mayor Pilkada.

The Home Minister decree No.131.12.40/2010 dated on Febrary 11, 2010 states that Rahudman Harahap is dismissed and to appoint North Sumatera Governor Syamsul to take over Rahudman’s role.

Ridiculous part, government conduct gambling on public trust to appoint Governor Syamsul replacing Harahap as temporary acting Medan Mayor till Pilkada elect a new Mayor.

Medaners who raise their eyes on the decision get more confuse as finding out that City secretary official Dzulmi Eldin, who should take over acting Mayor’s role, joined the candidacy bid as Harahap’s pair as the prospective Vice Mayor candidate.

Oppurtunity calculation

Harahap-Eldin duet feel optimistic to gain victory in Pilkada as being backed two top political parties, Golkar and ruling Democratic parties. As one of the senior member, it’s illogically for Golkar to support Harahap besides the mission to keep the chance for the future Legislative and Presidential election.

Despite unclear and troubled support for Harahap, Democrat party also burdened to maintain their position as a ruling party by establishing political influences in all state’s regions. Therefore, to win Pilkada is the only way.

For Medan city itself, Democrat’s ambition istigates internal friction as the regioanal executive board chief in Medan Denni Ilham Panggabean claimed himself as the proper candidate to be backed by the party.

However, the central executives rejected Panggabean’s claim and stands firm for Harahap, as worrying that local people would be irritated to learn that Panggabean as newly elected regional House spekar has yet to accomplished several strategic agenda, such as to inaugurate regional House’s  commission speakers.

His (intentionally) sluggish decision deal with commission speaker approval, as the consequence, causing direct impact on House’s legislators performance.

Pros and cons for Rahudman Harahap

Amid the pressure due to his steps for Pilkada, Harahap has greater chance to win considering his former several months term is enough for him to establish strong bases over sub districts officials that perhaps obtaining equal compensation.

Harahap plays the gamble very well since realizing positive signal from his Golkar boss in North Sumatera Syamsul Arifin. Though quite invicible, North Sumatera government walks behind Harahap.

Besides intellectual censure through press media, Harahap lilkely to accept the fact that street traders would pay zero support for him following his late policy to hold firm raid on illegal mobile vendors. Harahap, however, ought to carry out it to get other Medan citizens’ symphaty by addressing cleanliness and public order issue.

Future Medan city Mayor will be elected soon, and local citizens tends to capture officials who has great ambitions for grabbing strategic ambition instead of working hard for realizing development and prosper people.


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