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Obama’s visit, depends on perspective

MEDAN, Mar. 16, 2010 – This is really an embarrassing thing for me to write this article since I have made a self commitment to publish weekly article for my blog after purchasing my new “wife” Dell Inspiron 1011. But, as my bad habit fond of seeking any excuses by pointing my finger that it was others mistake.

I don’t know if the government willing to admit it, that I’ve been expecting so much for this notebook as Indonesian government expecting the state visit of first colored skin President of United States, Barack Obama into Indonesia.

No doubt that Obama is a sensation amid global crisis not only shocked US but also the world at the moment, his achievement as the 44th US President bear new hope for the “uncle Sam.”

Like other countries, Indonesia also initiate the invitation for Obama to hold his state visit this month with an hope that his coming would bring the “new hope” too, in which as usual followed with pros and cons.

Tons of arguments to back self opinion ahead the two-peace-medal President for coming back into his childhood as Barry Soetoro show tensions of the unofficial debate.

The art of perspective

My junior high school teacher once taught me a simple but undenieable lesson. Sir Stefanus Sitohang told, a matter that make human is unique is his perspective viewing or responding a subject. “I could say that the chair where you sit on has eight legs,” he said.

“Oh, how come sir?,” I questioned for knowing that all chairs commonly, especially where I was sitting on, comprises of four legs.

“Depends on the perspective. To me, the chair has two legs in front side, then other two in back side, and then two legs respectively for left and right side,” he explained.

What makes Obama’s visit to be highlighted on deliberation is the matter of how is our perpective to judge his agenda for Indonesia, then.

What would you do if you got sour orange?

Dale Carnegie, a famous motivator, said in his book How to Influence and to Win Friends, “If I have an orange, I’d make an orange juice.” Carnegie encourages people to be dare turn any misfortune to be a potental benefit with the popular quote.

The euphoria over Obama’s visit, should not be regarded pessimistically, since prolonged quarrel only wasting our time. The proper perspective should be implemented soon to get benefit in that momentous event which put our state head with US head on one table.

China welcome Obama as being aware that potential advantages awaiting to be realized if both countries shaking hands for the positive agreement not only covering economic issues, but also politics (AFTA and Dalai Lama, are good instances).

Then, why some Indonesian stand firm to boycott his visit and to pass over potential benefits? My chief editor argues that US under Obama remained to act disappointedly on Palestine, Israel conflict. “Besides, US keep to impose arms embargo on Indonesia for distrust this country out of terrorist movement,” he said that US remarks to regard Indonesia as the strategic partner only nonsense.

Well, I myself hate to get involved in a long debate (particularly to consider my lackness ^_^). Anyway, let me give one question: “How if we regard Obama’s visit as a client that bring chances to develop this country, especially as Indonesian government has planned on the significant tour?”

Those who intend to bite back the question, (perhaps) would question back: “How if the plan unrealized and the final achievement just benefit US only?” And, as my bad habit fond of seeking any excuses, I would pointing my finger that it was other’s mistake.

Welcome to the junglesia, Barry! 🙂


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