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It’s not only an ordinary Pilkada!

MEDAN, Mar.19, 2010 – The electoral number draw for candidates who will join the battle in the 2010 regional head election for Medan Mayor has initiated the of politics war instead [what experts usually called as] celebration of democracy. Ridiculous dispute and schoolboy mistake that happen among the authorities has blown up the fog during the regional election ‘Pemilihan Kepala Daerah’ (or called as Pilkada).

2010 Pilkada, anyway, almost like the Europe soccer club for offering something new and even big contrast with former elections held in this country. The extraordinaries inspire me to imitate a salesman style brochure to itemise them in this blog post. 🙂

Rudolf gonna what!?

Before the electoral number draw, Medan city regional elections commission which is usually called KPUD announced Saturday (Mar.13) a stunning decision as sacking one of independent candidates Rudolf Pardede out of the election bid.

The reason was to raise the eyebrow since KPUD told that Rudolf fail to pass the verification over his illegitimate senior high school academic certificate. Public, thereby, to question KPUD how come that could happen regarding to his position as the former North Sumatera governor and current Regional Representatives Council (DPD) member of North Sumatera province.

“Please don’t compare recent verification procedure with the previous ones. In the former elections, goverment is yet to generate an independent verification team as we have now,” said a North Sumatera university’s Law expert Edi Ikhsan as cited by news portal Waspada Online.

“Moreover, KPUD movement yet to be established formerly, either.”

Enough with the ‘black humor’ plot, and turn the eyes back to Rudolf’s former North Sumatera governor position –despite he took over the seat after his superordinate, when he was vice governor, late Governor Tengku Rizal Nurdin passed away in a plane crash accident.

Many says that Rudolf would make an extraordinary record if he could win the 2010-2015 Medan Mayor seat. “This is going to be an outstanding one for Rudolf will be the first former governor who seat (the lower position) as a mayor,” a journalist said here.

Sadly, provincial KPUD signaled impeachment over Rudolf as the senator following the disqualification in mayoral candidacy.

The chairman of KPUD North Sumatera chapter, Irham Buana said despite his achievement as former North Sumatera governor and cureent senator, his side decided to reevaluate his academic certificate.

“Unlike Medan city mayoral screening, KPUD only check last academic certificate. For Rudolf case, we only focus on his graduate diploma in a university in Tokyo city, Japan,” Nasution was quoted by news portal Waspada Online.

It’s a must-see competition among the ten candidates, since this means mayoral election likely to be performed in two rounds. Therefore, vote bargaining also possibly happened among them.

10 candidates for Pilkada of the 2010

Ten in the ten, perhaps, accordingly to be the theme for this Pilkada. Of course, it is not an unevitable moment that we face in the city.

Regarding to all elections being performed in Indonesia, it is hardly to find the one that enumerate up to ten candidates, which is also comprises of two categories with equal numbers — indepent candidates and candidates backed by political party that nominate five persons respectively.

It’s a must-see competition among the ten candidates, since this means mayoral election likely to be performed in two rounds. Therefore, vote bargaining also possibly happened among them. I myself prefer to vote those don’t sell my ballot for stronger nominator just to benefit themselves.

Ten is a special number. Perfect. Thereby, let’s hope that this election may bring us the best Mayor for Medan city. We hope so. 🙂


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2 responses to “It’s not only an ordinary Pilkada!

  1. sams March 25, 2010 at 8:43 am

    hahahaha …
    let we see soon,
    what will happend ..

    • abanghyu April 6, 2010 at 9:51 am

      yeah brother. by the way, I think the number of candidates will be corrected to be ‘eleven’. hmm, I wish to have enough time to write about that. Rudolf, perhaps, would quote: “many ways lead to Rome.”


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