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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Pilkada is not an answer, not yet a movement

MEDAN, Apr.30, 2010 – Yeah, I know this title too skeptic, and (even) sounds sarcastic. But, a famous blogger write in his book that attracting more readers for a blog could be made with sensational title. 🙂

Enough with the trick. Despite a childish matter, anyhow Medan Mayoral election will be performed in nearly of time that even we could count the days by fingers. Unlike other day, May 12 regional election or locally known as Pilkada has been surely looked forward by Medan residents. Read more of this post


2010 Pilkada: Rudolf vs KPUD

MEDAN, APR.6, 2010 – Post disqualification over Rudolf Pardede in the Medan Mayor’s election bid, his name keep to be spotlighted in Medan city mass media headline. The controversial elimination acted by city’s regional elections commission (as usually called KPUD) trigger a question among Medan people whether KPUD is controlled by other sides to tackle Rudolf Pardede. Will KPUD scuttle movement of the former North Sumatera Governor and current provincial senator who left the position for 2010-2015 Medan Mayor chair?

Read more of this post