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2010 Pilkada: Rudolf vs KPUD

MEDAN, APR.6, 2010 – Post disqualification over Rudolf Pardede in the Medan Mayor’s election bid, his name keep to be spotlighted in Medan city mass media headline. The controversial elimination acted by city’s regional elections commission (as usually called KPUD) trigger a question among Medan people whether KPUD is controlled by other sides to tackle Rudolf Pardede. Will KPUD scuttle movement of the former North Sumatera Governor and current provincial senator who left the position for 2010-2015 Medan Mayor chair?

Rudolf’s decision to join Medan Mayoral election is a sensation, since it is hardly to find a governor willing to compete for mayor position which is lower in administrative structure. However, it is probably an interesting topic to discuss for two-cup of coffee before you and the partner(s) realize that anything is possible for political interest.

Medan people got aware that Rudolf has prepared his ‘political chess’ movement to gain benefits put on the mayor’s table. The same condition which is anticipated by his competitors, therefore many would not raise eyebrow that to eliminate him is the only option.

Seems like the ‘Plan A’ work well. Vulnerability over his senior high school academic certificate, makes KPUD dare to expel him out of the ring that fail to satisfy KPUD with valid academic certificate in the mayoral screening on Mar.17, 2010. KPUD, then, announce ten candidates comprises of five independent candidates and five political-party candidates would have requisite chance to gain victory in May 12 election.

Many ways lead to Rome

Rudolf could be inspired much with the popular quote above. He and his running mate Affifuddin Lubis conduct lobbies to save the opportunity as Numero Uno official in Medan city.

With his running mate Affifuddin Lubis —former acting Medan Mayor for one year, to replace former Abdillah who was alleged over graft case— Rudolf file lawsuit to the State Administrative Court or Pengadilan Tata Usaha Negara or called PTUN.

He complains the disqualification for reason that KPUD has not been authorized yet to evaluate troubled documents, unless the regional elections supervisory committee or Panwas.

After studying the case, PTUN backs Rudolf and called KPUD to delay Pilkada and to put him back in the candidates list. KPUD Medan chapter chairwoman Evi Novida Ginting rejected the recommendation and deliver legal exception on sacking Rudolf.

Almost like a love story movie, PTUN refuses the exception and vows to proceed legal process to carry out the issue.

It is one out of numerous strategies Rudolf plays that elimination is not properly performed by KPUD. He has influence and power to press KPUD regarding his former functionaries in regional administration office and as a patron of mass media and large business sites.

Ten to eleven?

Rudolf’s side certain that KPUD’s decision to dismiss him is a mistake, and blows up the reason that only Panwas has special right to question troubled document. A bad news, for a while, in KPUD’s side since disharmony with Panwas which also touch over supervisory right in Pilkada.

If the disharmony grows worse, means that Rudolf has stepped one leg on stairway to Medan Mayor Candidates. Medan city residents may perceive the regional commissions for election affairs commit suicide after the feud over special authority to establish Panwas committee for Pilkada in the city.

This also signals that number of candidates likely added up to be eleven. Not a unique moment that this number similar to a soccer team line up.

Things behind the scene

This opinion comes into my mind after several cases also occurred in national government level. A political trick behind disputes to make us parroting breaking news that in a condition one should be blame while other side is a victim.

All the actors only hold drama to veil their bribery and graft. Pilkada will only likely delayed to hide the real crimes.

Please take a look on Bank Century case evaporated into Jupiter planet. Meanwhile, Bank Century is exposed as mislead public attention on Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) intention to investigate frauds during 2009 General Election.

State budget allocated for 2010 Pilkada potentially corrupted with the formula of CONTROVERSY – CONFLICT – RECONCILIATION. A good game for dummies.

This reminds me to Amien Rais’ quote: “You only could hide one fault with two lies, and to hide two faults with four lies. The multiplication will be applied for the next more faults.”

So, what is the moral lesson? Never believe the conflict between politicians as it is, consider things behind the scene.


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  1. Mr. Jagiring April 7, 2010 at 7:02 am

    hohohoho …
    like it, behind the scene …

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