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Still, KPU need to evaluate the election performance

MEDAN | May 15, 2010 – Despite great number of state budget allocated for the regional head direct election for Medan city, North Sumatera province, however concerns about escalating of blank voters failed to be anticipated.

As remarked by North Sumatera University’s (USU) political analyst Ridwan Rangkuti, before the May 12 Medan Mayoral election, abstain voters potentially remain at 40 percent of total electors registered in the eligible voters list.

The prediction is quite right since it was informed that certainly 30 percent of potential elector list not punching the ballot in the poll stations.

The fundamental issue either directly or indirectly to point finger at General Election Commission (KPU) and its regional chapter offices. And to urge the commission to tackle the problem so the trend not keep ongoing, which eventually to disgrace the general election as part of democracy characteristics.

Poor publication management

Fewer local people to vote at Mayoral election in Medan city, strongly linked with ugly performance to socialize the significance of the “democracy party” over the eligible electors.

“KPUD played weak strategy to educate and to attract potential voters, besides the program was not run seriously,” the secretary general of North Sumatera Opinon Forum (usually shortened to be FOS) Avian Tumengkol told Waspada Online Friday (May 14) in Medan

This is admitted by the supervisory committee for regional election or Panwas chief Muhammad Aswin that local General Election Commission or KPUD is stagnant with improper approach implementation over public

“KPUD in Medan is perceived to hold ceremonial events only,” said Aswin, as cited by Waspada Online at his office.

“As the result, there are just 30 percent of eligible voters list (1,961,155 voters) attended the election booths (on Wednesday election),” he said.

Medan’s KPUD told that 1,961,155 potential voters registered in eligible voters list (DPT) who voted in 3,897 poll stations.

The election supervisory committee said that 34.7 percent of the DPT list went to the election booths Wednesday (May 12).

The list of KPUD mistakes going greater when the Thursday local newspaper edition told that their reporters found many still hold ‘previous voting method’ to mark the ballot by pen.

Hospitals in Medan city, besides, become base camp-like for abstain voters since the finding that patients and the family unwilling to register C5 and C6 special forms that inform poll area replacement.

Public affairs head Edison Peranginangin in Pirngadi hospital, one of local hospital in Medan city, argued that lacks of mobile election booths for all the health facility centers in the city.

Those failures now put both provincial and (especially) city KPUD executives sit under fire. Moreover, rumor said that KPUD Medan chapter commissioners facing risk to be terminated in connection with troubled disqualification over mayoral candidate Rudolf Pardede and his running mate Affifuddin Lubis over Rudolf’s senior high school diploma. [please refer to former blog articles to find clearer issue].

Not only KPU should be blamed

Out of the accussation to throw the “fault” ball over other sides, North Sumatera University’s Ahmad Taufan Damanik concern that blank voters number hike is connected to trust weakening over state and regional official.

“Whatever KPU did, this ugly result may not change if those ten (Medan Mayoral) candidates unable to make voters trust them as the future mayor,” Damanik told Waspada Online Thursday (May 13).

“Besides, there’s no way KPUD to force people punching ballot. So, it backs to the people,” he added.

According to Damanik, the candidates must play a breakthrough on their political campaign, so the blank voters may be optimistically to elect the bestt one.

However, Tumengkol doubts that prospective Mayor and Vice Mayor interaction with the voters before the election day might bring positive impact.

“People has been experienced with former elected City head officials who broke their campaign promise,” the Waspada Online Chief in Editor explained.

Surely, the external actors such as the city government and press media should be involved more in a tight coordination with the internal authority to reduce recent disappoinment results.

Waspada daily told Friday that Medan Mayoral election will be continued for round two since none of the candidates able to obtain 30 percent of votes, which is the minimum requirement to win first round.

So, if all blank voters get united to use their right for certain candidate, of course KPUD no need to stage the second round, and the newly elected mayor could be inaugurated soon.

“Just wait and see whether the newly elected mayor and vice mayor could realize their promise (after the second round contest),” Damanik concluded.


The article refer to Waspada Online news.

Top right image from Waspada Online (Aldamora Hutasuhut)

Bottom left image from KPU’s official website (


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