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Medan Mayoral election round one announced

Eventually, Medan city’s KPUD announced the official recapitulation result of Medan Mayoral election’s first round. Please refer to the Waspada Online‘s article below.

Medan Mayoral election round one announced


MEDAN – Medan city’s local General Election Commission or KPUD officially announced Monday (May 17) recapitulation of vote counting over May 12 Mayoral election held in Grand Angkasa hotel, in Medan.

The announcement is carried out through an open plenary meeting which was attended by the City’s consultative leadership board or Muspida.

On the occasion, KPUD declared that Mayoral election will be continued to second round due to the fact that none of mayoral candidates able to obtain minimum votes at 30 percent.

“The round two will be performed on June 16 followed by two leading candidates, namely Rahudman Harahap-Dzulmi Eldin and Sofyan Tan-Nelly Armayanti,” KPUD told Waspada Online here.

Rahudman Harahap and his running mate Dzulmi Eldin, backed by the national ruling Democrat Party and Golkar Party, gained 150,553 of votes or 22.09 percent.

Meanwhile, candidate pair of Sofyan Tan and Nelly Armayanti obtained 140,835 of votes or 20.67 percent. Sofyan Tan and his running mate are promoted by Indonesia Democratic Party for Struggle (PDI-P) and Prosperous Peace Party (PDS).

The list below gives detail information of first round of Medan Mayoral election:

No Candidate pairs Votes gained Percentage Rank
1 Sjahrial R Anas – Yahya Sumardi 19,698 2.89 9
2 Sigit Pramono Asri – Nurlisa Ginting 97,485 14.31 3
3 Indra Sakti Harahap – Delyuzar 9,598 1.41 10
4 Bahdin Nur Tanjung – Kasim Siyo 34,964 5.13 6
5 Joko Susilo – Amir Mirza Hutagalung 28,432 4.17 8
6 Rahudman Harahap – Dzulmi Eldin 150,553 22.09 1
7 M Arif Nasution – Supratikno 29,902 4.39 7
8 Maulana Pohan – Ahmad Arif 76,581 11.24 5
9 Ajib Shah – Binsar Situmorang 93,344 13.70 4
10 Sofyan Tan – Nelly Armayanti 140,835 20.67 2

Translated by: Ananta Politan Bangun

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