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Medan is not ready for a change

MEDAN | July 13, 2010 – Weeks after Rahudman declared to be 2010-2015 Medan Mayor following slide victory in the June mayoral election, I  am still unable to post any article for my blog. My instinct seems stuck to find something interesting or unusual in connection with the regional chief election.

I don’t know how, but my personal opinion to regard that Rahudman’s victory as a common thing, as other previous election result, could be happenned among the public in the city. I, personally, not surprise to see the former acting Medan mayor chair the position.

There are two reasons which support my opinion. Rahudman is a former bureucrate, in which his background as the former South Tapanuli secretary and the ex Medan city acting mayor surely attract other active bureaucrate officials to assist Rahudman in order to get promotion as he win the election.

The second matter is to see Rahudman’s rival Sofyan Tan as foreign candidate. Despite chinese people have been living in Medan city since the colonialism era, however native socieity yet to trust people of different ethnic. The most fundamental aspect behind Sofyan’s defeat is the fact he is not moslem.

Do all moslem people dislike non Islamic figure to head the city? Not really. My friend, a workmate in Waspada Online, conveyed, seriously, that she would like to vote in the regional election to have Medan in different manner with ‘new’ leader.

“Why should we be afraid to have Chinese people as our city head? How if his promise in the campaign to realize Medan as the Singapore miniature, might happen? Medan should try something new, being out of the normal path,” said my fried, Bebi (her nickname in the office).

According to her, the city stays stagnant if Rahudman able to secure the mayoral chair. “Of course, I aware the risk if Chinese people being stronger in the bureaucracy, indigene domination will be degraded gradually,” she told, adding that a change would be close potential risk.

The education movement figure Sofyan Tan, besides, being popular for his sensational quote. “I won’t deny being hung to die, if I am evidenced to conduct corruption.” So, my friend explained the quote Sofyan’s commitment to develop Medan city.

Eventually, Rahudman wins the election along with his running mate Dzumi Eldin who will be installed as 2010-2015 City deputy mayor. If I am not a blank voter, Rahudman’s name could be my option to vote. Why? Because, I am also part of Medan city native people. We hate the change. Change means to make us tiresome with numerous compulsories.

Just like Medan people, stagnancy is preferred since it is only government being charged to improve the city. Therefore, many predict Rahudman may smile in the end of election. A good prediction but to beat the city’s future.

So, I should not raising my eyebrow on how my instict fail to research other side behind the election. “Why do we have to suffer headache for the election affairs. Just do your job,” a relative of mine once said.

Yeah, I don’t get any sense over the election affairs. However, as journalist should consider the quality of journalistic field.

Fiuhh. So, it has been clear that for the next five years, we will face something similar with the previous term. “Dont get headache because the campaign. Most importantly, just do your job,” one of my friend, an activist of NGO suggests me.

But, I am a journalist. This is my job. Then, the issue should be concerned seriously. For my preliminary step, this blog article will be be the first step over the expectation.

Public may change the city itself, with their own struggle. Bravo! Medan, with the new mayor. J

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