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How well do you identify Medan city?

MEDAN | August 5, 2010 – The identity of a city could be traced over the historical sites and infrastructure which impress people about how unique or better management on infrastructure construction and maintenance the government has performed. To make an analogy “love at the first sight,” visitors surely will take a look about these matter earlier than culture, art, or any other interesting points that identified the city.

As the capital of North Sumatera province, Medan, which is one of biggest cities in Indonesia, claimed the vision to be metropolitan city. Sadly, this city trap amid the breakthrough, as it pass over historical sites to build modern buildings but yet professional to establish proper infrastructures.

Please refer to the news published in Waspada Online, below:

Medan vulnerably loosing identity: Observer warned
Governmental & political Correspondent

MEDAN – Displeasing infrastructure condition in Medan city is concerned to influence future spatial and urban planning program. Medan vulnerably loosing its identity, a local observer predicted.

The city spatial spectator from North Sumatera University (popularly called USU) Abdul Rahim Siregar stated the assumption due to close observation over poor quality of drainages, sidewalk, especially the roads found in the capital city of North Sumatera province.

“This remains raising our eyebrows that City government unable to perform any progress, despite Rp300 billion of city budget been allocated since 2007,” said the former City’s House lawmaker, as quoted by Waspada Online here on Thursday (Aug.5).

The problem likely tackled with General City Spatial Planning or RUTRK, Abdul suggests.

“The City’s House must monitor RUTRK issuance since it deals with future city spatial planning for the next 20 years,” said he, adding there are three main points to adress in order to succeed RUTRK.

Firstly, he said, the infrastructure condition mapping held by Medan city government.

“The mapping result may guide the government to estimate maximal budget allocation.”

“Secondly, the city government should enforce the infrastructure project contractors not being compensated in case that the project accomplishment fails to meet  requirement or standards,” Abdul added.

Medan Mayor and City’s House must bear commitment to realize those missions run properly. He encouraged,”Both sides should avoid vulnerability to misuse power or budget, as this issue closely connected with public interest.”

Translated by: Ananta Politan Bangun

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