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About me!

Just reading news contents and translating them is truly unchallenged job, thereby I decided to establish a personal blog that I (really) intend have as the media to communicate the way I react or respond on one ore more issues around me (at this time, perhaps just covering Medan city, North Sumatera province, and Indonesia).

“Better being late, than never” often quoted by my close friends. Despite, I think this is a sluggish initiation for me in writing but realizing something which is potentially good for your personal development is a priceless achievement.

Therefore, this blog may not reach the best achievement as I expected if readers unwilling to harsh 🙂 or even to give a constructive suggestion.

Please don’t mind to give comments or contact me through the personal’s social network below, for anything related to this blog.

Thank you and Cheers!!

Ananta Politan Bangun |  e. | f. Ananta Politan Perangin-angin Bangun | t. bangoen82


One response to “About me!

  1. sams June 3, 2009 at 2:24 pm

    xixixixixi ..
    mantap bRo ..
    trus berkarya ..

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