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Medan towards 2011: doubt vs hope

MEDAN, December 20, 2010 | Year-end countdown to step closer while breakthrough policies not yet performed by North Sumatera government. On the contrarily, law violations issue seems disseminated mostly by medias; such as graft case that is reportedly to suspect Medan city mayor Rahudman Harahap. North Sumatera governor Syamsul Arifin, even faces worst scenario as Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) declared him a suspect in a Langkat budget embezzlement case, and is still detained in Jakarta. Rumors saying that he might serve the jail period for more a hundred days.

Along with KPK released an index of provincial government performance, national public eventually addressed at North Sumatera province as the most corrupted government compared with provinces evaluated by the anti graft commission. The announcement, actually, not surprising since the Indonesian Corruption Watch has issued similar assesment earlier.

However, it is a questionable stance to find no media willing to link the disappointed ‘achievement’ with North Sumatera’s image among investors and national/International scale community. Instead, the regional government stands firm those cases unlikely ruin the administration affairs.

The economic growth, nationally, is easily to refer from Jakarta’s surveys. But not for those aim to learn economic condition in North Sumatera, particularly in Medan city as the capital. The situation has long caused apathetic stance to regard the interest, mostly from internal side. Rare finding found to hold a deep study investment oppurtunity in the province, that might need to expand more seriously. Read more of this post


How well do you identify Medan city?

MEDAN | August 5, 2010 – The identity of a city could be traced over the historical sites and infrastructure which impress people about how unique or better management on infrastructure construction and maintenance the government has performed. To make an analogy “love at the first sight,” visitors surely will take a look about these matter earlier than culture, art, or any other interesting points that identified the city.
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Medan is not ready for a change

MEDAN | July 13, 2010 – Weeks after Rahudman declared to be 2010-2015 Medan Mayor following slide victory in the June mayoral election, I  am still unable to post any article for my blog. My instinct seems stuck to find something interesting or unusual in connection with the regional chief election.

I don’t know how, but my personal opinion to regard that Rahudman’s victory as a common thing, as other previous election result, could be happenned among the public in the city. I, personally, not surprise to see the former acting Medan mayor chair the position.

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Still, KPU need to evaluate the election performance

MEDAN | May 15, 2010 – Despite great number of state budget allocated for the regional head direct election for Medan city, North Sumatera province, however concerns about escalating of blank voters failed to be anticipated.

As remarked by North Sumatera University’s (USU) political analyst Ridwan Rangkuti, before the May 12 Medan Mayoral election, abstain voters potentially remain at 40 percent of total electors registered in the eligible voters list.

The prediction is quite right since it was informed that certainly 30 percent of potential elector list not punching the ballot in the poll stations. Read more of this post

Pilkada is not an answer, not yet a movement

MEDAN, Apr.30, 2010 – Yeah, I know this title too skeptic, and (even) sounds sarcastic. But, a famous blogger write in his book that attracting more readers for a blog could be made with sensational title. 🙂

Enough with the trick. Despite a childish matter, anyhow Medan Mayoral election will be performed in nearly of time that even we could count the days by fingers. Unlike other day, May 12 regional election or locally known as Pilkada has been surely looked forward by Medan residents. Read more of this post

It’s not only an ordinary Pilkada!

MEDAN, Mar.19, 2010 – The electoral number draw for candidates who will join the battle in the 2010 regional head election for Medan Mayor has initiated the of politics war instead [what experts usually called as] celebration of democracy. Ridiculous dispute and schoolboy mistake that happen among the authorities has blown up the fog during the regional election ‘Pemilihan Kepala Daerah’ (or called as Pilkada).

2010 Pilkada, anyway, almost like the Europe soccer club for offering something new and even big contrast with former elections held in this country. The extraordinaries inspire me to imitate a salesman style brochure to itemise them in this blog post. 🙂 Read more of this post