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Anticipating conflicts during direct regional elections

I found this article is interesting and linked with Pilkada.  I hopefully to find this inspiring us all. Happy reading. 🙂

Anticipating conflicts during direct regional elections
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Tue, 12/28/2004 8:51 AM | Opinion

Didik Supriyanto, Jakarta

Entering 2005, the nation will again be facing a new political phase with the direct elections of regional heads (pilkada) as a follow-up to the coming into force of Law No.32/2004 on regional administrations in October 2004.

This is indeed a very difficult choice. On the one hand, Law No.32/2004 — particularly (pilkada) provisions — obviously contains various weaknesses so that as a legal basis for the elections it is very vulnerable. On the other hand, direct regional elections have become an inevitable political demand, not only to respect local people’s rights but also to reduce corruption and the manipulation of aspirations so far practiced.
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Obama’s visit, depends on perspective

MEDAN, Mar. 16, 2010 – This is really an embarrassing thing for me to write this article since I have made a self commitment to publish weekly article for my blog after purchasing my new “wife” Dell Inspiron 1011. But, as my bad habit fond of seeking any excuses by pointing my finger that it was others mistake.

I don’t know if the government willing to admit it, that I’ve been expecting so much for this notebook as Indonesian government expecting the state visit of first colored skin President of United States, Barack Obama into Indonesia. Read more of this post