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How well do you identify Medan city?

MEDAN | August 5, 2010 – The identity of a city could be traced over the historical sites and infrastructure which impress people about how unique or better management on infrastructure construction and maintenance the government has performed. To make an analogy “love at the first sight,” visitors surely will take a look about these matter earlier than culture, art, or any other interesting points that identified the city.
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Still, KPU need to evaluate the election performance

MEDAN | May 15, 2010 – Despite great number of state budget allocated for the regional head direct election for Medan city, North Sumatera province, however concerns about escalating of blank voters failed to be anticipated.

As remarked by North Sumatera University’s (USU) political analyst Ridwan Rangkuti, before the May 12 Medan Mayoral election, abstain voters potentially remain at 40 percent of total electors registered in the eligible voters list.

The prediction is quite right since it was informed that certainly 30 percent of potential elector list not punching the ballot in the poll stations. Read more of this post

Politics Domino behind acting Medan Mayor Resignation

2010 Pilkada likely to fail

The direct general election for regional scope which is publicly known as Pilkada planned to be held in Indonesia’s regions (both for provinces and districts) this year, in 2010, potentially unable to represent people’s right to vote conciusness-based future regional head.

Poor ethic acted by the prospective candidates spoil their image among the potential voters and no doubt would increase the blank voter number, the politic analyst Ridwan Rangkuti said,and felt sure to predict abstain voter will be 40 percent of total temporary voter list for 2010 Pilkada in Medan city, as cited from news portal Waspada Online.

No wonder why Rangkuti expresses his certainty over Pilkada failure regarding recent abuse cases mostly supporting the prediction. Read more of this post