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Adipura – environmental and human rights dilemma

MEDAN, Nov. 8 – For the late two weeks, public attention fully attracted toward dispute among national Law enforcement bodies — the Corruption Eradication Commission KPK, the National Police Polri, and the Attorney — put aside other important issues, particularly those deal with local people, such as the environmental award Adipura.

For the ambition to achieve Adipura award, several media recorded government’s human rights disregard, concerned as the attempt to conduct temporary policy over environmental problems instead of having the unending cleanliness condition.

According to information found in Wikipedia, the annual honor carried out Environmental Affairs Ministry, bestowed for the region (both municipalilty and district) performed well in surroundings management.

The regional candidates divided into four categories based on the population numbers:

·    Metropolitan level (more than one million residents)
·    Upper level (500,001 – 1,000,000 residents)
·    Middle level (100,001-500,000 residents)
·    Lower level (100,000 residents)

Medan, as one of the metropolitan city candidates — as 2002 census survey recorded 1,926,520 people with people growth about 1.0% per year, estimated to have 2,139,000 population number in 2004 — pushed the municipal administration to gain the honorable award as the symbol of well governance during current government’s term.

Local government’s programs, such as Go Green and Gembira Ria (Clean and Fun Medan city Movement Gerakan Medan Bersih dan Ceria) has been performing on certain locations surveyed by the Adipura jury team.

Those are: housings, municipality/district infrastructures, transportation facilities, open waters, cleanliness environment facilities, and tourism beach destination.

Frequently, the policy realization cause friction with local people possesing trade business in traditional market locations. As the government consider the mobile street traders contributes to rubbish problem in Medan city.

Despite unable to halt the raid operation over their trading places, those traders usually hold demonstration that government had not better to shut down the trading places in which their only earnings.

As being predicted, the government encounter dilemma between environmental and human rights issues. The media and public would criticized the authorized bodies that they just removed informal business places, but to permit middle and upper class entrepreneurs to open their business places anywhere.

On other sides, the mobile traders existence, actually, tends to initiate environmental problems since most of them act indiscipline over rubbish management.

The condition, of course, remain unsolved except that the government and related parties turn the approach policy over these issues. The Adipura survey would be better to involve non-governmental parties to provide transparent judgement.

Adipura should be government’s efforts to conduct well guidance on establishing better physical, biological, and social management in the municipality/district. Therefore, Adipura preparation not only belong to temporary officials’ policy concerning on environmental issues.



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