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Pilkada is not an answer, not yet a movement

MEDAN, Apr.30, 2010 – Yeah, I know this title too skeptic, and (even) sounds sarcastic. But, a famous blogger write in his book that attracting more readers for a blog could be made with sensational title. πŸ™‚

Enough with the trick. Despite a childish matter, anyhow Medan Mayoral election will be performed in nearly of time that even we could count the days by fingers. Unlike other day, May 12 regional election or locally known as Pilkada has been surely looked forward by Medan residents.

Regardless the motives, some people of Medan (including me) may perceive this Pilkada as a turning point to develop this city. Therefore, no wonder that all candidates underline the word “development” as their weapon to approach potential voters.

If you doubt mine, please look at giant billboards or banners along Medan city roads to show that “development” key is on the candidates’ palm. Plus, a bonus of sweet smile as you glance the over-retouching candidates’ pictures.

However, it should be noted that turning point is what I mean as shift. “Development,” meanwhile, is only a common spice in all political campaign. Yes, I admit that government has the authority to run development program in a region or country. But, it seems hard, regarding to the former experience, to trust that Medan Mayoral candidates able to realize their programs. Why?

Bitter sweet-tea

I still remember the Monday meeting with a city official and a friend of mine. We enjoyed the morning by discussing about plain matters, and, inevitably, leading to serious subjects. Pilkada is one of the spotted list.

The official (in this article, I must write his identity in anonimity) really wonder that all Medan Mayor candidates fail to satisfy panelist’s question about how to manage city development plan to boost economy sector.

“To my suprise, that one of them is my senior in a city development planning office, is also unable to give a good answer,” he said, as offering us two cups of sweet tea.

What we were talking about is debate for Medan Mayoral candidates. One of the panelist, John Tafbu Ritonga is a famous economist in Medan city.

I don’t care it was a slip of his toungue, but to confirm the rumor I heard that candidates for future Medan city is not proper to meet standard requirements.

All “development” programs are arranged by the special team for general election affairs, the friend of mine added after the meeting.

“And the papers contain the scheduled plan to improve this city, will be thrown to recycle bin when they win the election,” said he, adding that movement to achive better condition for Medan not depend on City mayor only.

So, is this one reason to incrase blank voters number in which almost a half of totally Medan population who is potential voter? Public Research Foundation (LARISPA) told Waspada Online on Thursday (Apr.29, that some 30 or 40 percent in Medan unlikely to vote in May 12 Medan Mayoral election.

“Local people, besides (numerous candidates), trust none of the candidates,” the head LARISPA Muhammad Rizal said here.

Trust is priceless. For Pilkada or general election case, the situation may be different. Some would be openly to accept money in order to vote certain candidate.Β  They sell the “trust” for vital position, leader for the city.

The ritual in Pilkada and general election, in Indonesia (also in Medan city) remains unchanged. Money politics still holds the major point.Β  The unbreakable chain possible broken only with a great commitment in all sides. Today? It seems impossible. Tommorow? we hope so. πŸ™‚

A bitter fact behind sweet pledges and pictures about Medan and “development.Β  Thereby, I wrote the title “Pilkada is not an answer, not yet a movement”.

But how if the elected candidates may change Medan, and that Pilkada or general election is not only about those who possess much money. All right, I accept the argument. One of the wealthiest candidates Rudolf Pardede has been eliminated for the reason of invalid senior high school diploma.

But, Rudolf just kick out of the canidate bid because of political trick carried out by his rivals. Still, this means administration remains stagnant. I mysef must testify is thinking either to vote or not. Never mind about my choice, I just say : “Happy election day, use your right.”

So, what is the answer? Which is the movement? I questioned my friend. He replied, you are the answer, and the movement is your action. Similar thing also happens to other Medan city residents.


Credit photo: Waspada Online (Aldamora H.)


4 responses to “Pilkada is not an answer, not yet a movement

  1. Mr Jagiring May 4, 2010 at 2:03 am

    Hahaahaha …
    So, if all the candidates not pass the qualification,
    what will be Medan in the future ??
    will you vote to the ruin of Medan ??

    Hahahaha ..
    sound horrible ..

    what do you think bro ??

    *sorry for my bad English πŸ˜›

    • abanghyu May 4, 2010 at 2:36 am

      hehehe. don’t be pessimistic about your English.

      If I follow what you suppose in Medan to be, the situation may lead to communism.

      Arrgh, horrible of course.

      But, don’t be afraid. There lots of people who is greedy to chair top position.

      Me? I’m not of them. cieeee. πŸ™‚

  2. Mr Jagiring May 6, 2010 at 7:24 am

    Hahahaha ..
    if that so, why don’t you take a step to be one of the candidates bro ??
    of course i’ll support you bro ..

    • abanghyu May 15, 2010 at 4:55 am

      hehehe. I’m not a good figure to be the City head. But, I’d prefer to criticize what is improper and should be corrected as long as we can carried it out. All right. hehehe

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